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 Man Lius
& Najoua Ferréol (FR)

The human revolution was set in motion. The mutation of humanity began. The TTS Company (TRANSHUMANISM TELECOM SYSTEM) launches its brand-new product, a brain implant to boost human memory. A major innovation that will revolutionize the telecommunications market and the way by which we are connected. Unfortunately, behind marketing promises, the reality is different. TTS Customer service becomes saturated with claims and nomophobic ** outcries. 
** The NOMOPHOBIA, also known as "no-mobile-phone phobia", is a specific fear (more like anxiety) of being out of mobile phone contact resulted by its excessive use. The symptoms, like low respiratory alterations, trembling, low self-esteem, loneliness, perspiration, depression, panic, may be caused by various mental disorders. 

José Man Lius

José Manlius is a transdisciplinary et polymorph artist. He associates performances, installations, vidéos, and photography in his work. The memory was made in collaboration with Najoua FERREOL, a french actress.

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