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Department of Biological Applications and Technology,
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Dr Psarropoulou is a Professor of Physiology (2004-) in the Dept of Biological Applications and Technology of University of Ioannina. She studied Pharmacy originally and then did a PhD in Neurophysiology (University of Patras, Greece), her research field until today. She also worked and trained in Germany and then Canada (Montreal and Sherbrooke, Quebec), where she remained for 14 years (1990-2004). She is interested in cellular mechanisms of plasticity of immature brain following early life CNS insults that is, epileptic seizures of prenatal ethanol exposure. As an electrophysiologist, she focuses on neuronal network function in immature and adult -rodent- brain, both before and after insults, with emphasis on hippocampal and cortical networks. Her research efforts and collaboration with a few colleagues and numerous undergraduate and postgraduate students has given >35 research papers and >100 scientific meeting communications until today. She teaches Human Physiology and Neuroscience to undergraduate and postgraduate students and is very much interested in teaching techniques and scientific communication.

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